Love the skin you're in!

We are a group of people dedicated to being naked and free in the outdoors! The feeling of being in a remote location and shedding your clothing and inhibitions is a feeling cannot be described, it must be experienced! We aim to facilitate you with some encouragement to do this and the knowledge of great locations for your own naked in nature experience.

The Get Naked Australia concept of being naked in nature as way to improve your body confidence began on Instagram a little over 12 months ago and since then it has been an overwhelming experience. The movement has been featured in numerous articles online and has made some media appearances on Triple J’s “The Hook Up” and Channel 10’s “The Project”.

The photos that we display on social media are usually taken as a sign of fun and involve someone learning to accept the skin they are in. Its showing the world that people, particularly Gen Y and millennials, are becoming comfortable in their own skin and that nudity can exist as a positive thing without the need for judgement and sexualisation. This is the ultimate goal of Get Naked Australia.

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09.11.2017 (2156 days ago)