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Forget Selfies, Naked With Nature Is Now All The Rage

While Instagram is teeming with influencers who're cashing in on people's insecurities, Get Naked Australia hopes to restore people's confidence and showcase real, imperfect bodies. 

Brendan Jones started Get Naked Australia in 2016 as a "bit of a laugh" after gifting his girlfriend a cheeky calendar of naked snaps. The 29 year old would often strip off during hikes with his mates in secluded waterfalls. He decided to share some of the images on social media and three years later, the page has become a platform for body positivity, growing to more than 230,000 Instagram followers.


Jones said people are sick of seeing "perfect, fitspo bodies", and so he posts unedited photos of people of all shapes and sizes in all their glory.


Naked girl on the beach 


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