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Broome nudists battle to keep slice of beach as naturism's popularity declines

Naturist have enjoyed Cable Beach in Broome for decades

Since the 1960s, nudists have gathered on a section of Broome's famous Cable Beach known as "north of the rocks", to sunbake, fish and swim in the nude.The handful of remaining nudists in a northern West Australian tourist town are fighting to maintain their lifestyle, in the face of increased beach traffic, judgemental tourists and sneaky photographers.

Naturists on the beach

But veterans of the scene say about a decade ago, things began to change. The local tourism industry boomed, and suddenly, the nudists were coming under close scrutiny. The "clothing optional" section of the beach sits close to the base of the beach access road, meaning each day hundreds of carloads of families and grey nomads cruise past, copping an eyeful of tanned skin and private parts.


foto: ABC News

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